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05-MAR-15 Edmonton

Dear Mark,

Thank you again for the opportunity to visit your fish room. I am very
impressed with your fish room, the cleanliness of your tanks and most
importantly with the quality (both health, shape and color) of your
fish. These are exceptional fish! I will buy some more in the near

The four discus I got from you last Sunday are doing very well. They
are adjusting to the fact that I have live plants in the tank and they
seem to like it. They are already showing their different
personalities and have good appetite.

Thank you again and have a good day.

08-Feb-2015 Toronto

I received my first shipment of 14 Discus from Alberta Discus on the evening of February 7, 2015. They arrived safely and within 10 minutes of releasing them to their new environment, the Discus were moving around the aquarium as if they owned it. It was a pleasure doing business with Mark who answered all my questions, both via email and phone. All 14 Discus had perfect shapes and vibrant colors and their quality far exceeded my expectations (10/10 for quality). I have no hesitation in recommending Alberta Discus to all Discus lovers in Canada as their go to place for top quality Discus. No doubt that I will be placing my second order in the very near future.

Cheers – Gehan

PS. My wife loved them too :)

20-Jan-2015 Newfoundland

Just wanted to thank Alberta discus for sending me the highest quality discus Iv ever seen! They were so good I had to make second order with in ten days! Alberta discus went beyond to help me. I live in Newfoundland so it’s impossible to get nice discus here,but not only did he send the best discus he emailed me pictures and answered every question I had! Amazing service! I will be ordering again in the future

Can’t thank you enough!
Joe M.

12-Jan-2015 London On.


Fish arrived ,The box was warm and no leaks all good ! They are really nice, hope to buy from you in the future.

Chris S.

10-Jan-2015 St. John NL.


The fish all look amazing, They all doing great and eating already. Very pleased with the order. I am thinking putting together another order soon.

Thank you,

Joe M.

31-Dec-14 Edmonton Alberta

Hi Mark,

I love the fish, they are beautiful . thank you so much, I will buy from you again.

Raymond W.

23-DEC-14 Letbridge Alberta

I can’t thank you enough for bringing in such amazing Discus! My yellow pairs I just purchased from you just started laying eggs tonight. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of every fish I have gotten from you !

Blake Taylor

25-Oct-14 Regina Sask.

Hi Mark,

The pair look awesome in the tank! Its very nice to see you and be able to buy quality discus. If I drive back in two weeks I will buy another 8 to 12 . I just can’t resist.

Thank you so much !

David W.


14-Apr-2014 B.C

I absolutely love my fish from Alberta Discus. Their color is amazing and such great quality. Have never had any problems with them at all. I just bought a new 55 inch tv and still would rather watch my fish tank.

Danielle Drake



First of all would like to talk about Mark ,he was very easy to talk to ask questions and in my case went above and beyond most fish stores and discus breeders will. He answered question before and after i received the fish even took the time to text and asked how the fish were you can tell he really cares about his discus. The packing was very good and kept communication about all the shipping info.
Now the discus,they arrived healthy and happy,and now just over a week eating out of my hand i have had discus 4 times and these ones are the best just and example my other ones didn’t care for tetra bits theses ones love them and to my suprise they ate flakes tonight actually have never seen discus eat flakes in this the 4th time having them. the color on these fish are amazing very active nice shape and very nice red eyes. The only regret i had was i only had room for 8 but the 8 i got from him were my favorite 8,so dealing with Mark he sent pics of any of the fish i wanted to see. I would advise anyone who wants awesome fish and great and friendly service Mark and Alberta Dicus will not disappoint you! So thanks for the great dealings with you and such GORGEOUS DISCUS!! I hope to come see your set up sometime hopefully after getting another tank don’t think i could visit without taking some home….once again a huge thanks to you Mark for everything!!


My Visit to Alberta Discus

by Darcy – Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:27 pm

Had a chance Saturday to Visit Alberta Discus. Mark has a nice fishroom set up and LOTS of super gorgeous Discus!! Mark has a nice selection of Discus in all colors as well as Wilds and even Plecos. I would have taken Discus from each and every tank. Mark is a straight up guy and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to fish. You all know how I feel about Yellows and Pigeon Bloods but he had some there that were stunning. The one tank of Wilds he had were HUGE!!!! All the other Wild’s were in terrific shape and greeted you when you came close to their tank.

All of the tanks were clean and well taken care of. The fishroom was well set up and easy to navigate. Mark can and will talk Discus with you,I could have stayed for hours. You get the feel for Mark’s passion for Discus after talking to him for the first 5 minutes. It’s nice to have someone dealing in the Hobby that isn’t just in it for the money and cares about the Fish that are in his care and in the bags his customers take home. I recommend Alberta Discus to anyone near or far!! You won’t be disappointed in the Fish or the service!

Thanks for the visit Mark and I will be back!!!

Owner and founder of Canadian Discus Association


Everytime I buy fish from Mark the only disappointment is not being able to buy every single one he has! They all always look so beautiful. Unlike the pet stores which are awful. On top of his great quality fish and unbeatable pricing. The man himself is someone you can’t help but love! Very friendly, very reliable. Probably my 10th purchase and I already can not wait for my 11th! Very happy as per usual!


C. Brown

Edmonton 04-Jan-14

Hi Mark,

I just finished unpacking all the fish. They are awesome Mark. It’s definitely worth my drive to Calgary.

Thanks again Mark, for bringing those premium quality discus.

Jason Le

Oct-20-2013 – Cranbrook B.C

Dear Mark,

It’s passed midnight and I just finished release all the fish . They are doing good and all swimming around very happy.
I am very happy with them. You did a great job packing them.

Thank you very much for beautiful fish!


Sept-30th-13 – Oakville On.


The fish are absolutely gorgeous and arrived in great shape.

Thanks again .



Aug-06,2013- Winnipeg

Mark , you exceed my expectations every time , this is the third times I bought from you and each time, I’m very satisfied. Fish are healthy and have great colours.The fish is properly prepared for shipping and have always arrive safe. Will do business again.

Ryan from Winnipeg Manitoba

July 28, 2013 – Edmonton

Mark, I just finished upacking the fish, they all happy in new tanks. I regret that I did not pick up those leopards. I still have room for another 10. Wow ! they look STUNNING ! Thanks man! I will see you again .

N. Le

July 15, 2013 – Quebec

Thank you very muche your fishes are very good to santer they arrived all alive and healthy. I contact again you it is on and some for a next command(order) thank you again


July 12 , 2013 – Winnipeg

Hi Mark,

The fish arrived alive and healthy! I am very impressed how well you packaged them. They are absolutely fascinating and beautiful in my main tank . You are superb . I really appreciate the quality of fish you have. You’re doing a great job.

Thank you so much and looking forward to buying some more discus from you soon.


June 21, 2013. Fort Saint John BC

Hi Mark,

I just finished the hour long accliimatization process and they now in the tank. All are swimming around right away. No Sign of stress. Very happy. The tiger turquoise looks AMAZING. I would say it is the nicest discus I have now. I am very satisfied customer. Thank you Mark. Please give me the inside track next time you have some amazing discus to offer. Have a good weekend and hopefully the flooding would not ruin your weekend too much.


June 16, 2013 – Prince George BC

Hi Mark

Just wanted to let you know all 12 discus arrived alive and healthy. They are nicest discus I have ever own . I’m very impressed with the quality and color.

We will definitely be ordering from you in the future. Thanks again!