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Quality Discus at an Affordable Price

Are you looking for bright and beautiful fish to add to the vibrancy of your aquarium? Have you considered discus as an option? If so, then Alberta Discus is your best choice.

Who we are?

Alberta Discus is one of Canada’s leading home-based discus supplier. With extensive experience in breeding and caring for tropical fish, we are uniquely qualified to meet your aquarium needs. Just place and order with us and you will receive the fish at the earliest.

When it comes to discus, we offer you a wide range of options ranging from locally-bred discus to foreign varieties, imported from Malaysia, Vietnam and the US.

What we do?

We, at Alberta Discus, aim to supply the best quality discus at the most affordable prices. And we do just that. We don’t deliver any fish that have poor health or are not eating well. We believe that our customers deserve the best quality of fish and that is exactly what we supply. You can either order online or make an appointment with us to hand-pick your fish.

We ship our products all across Canada. From the Northwest Territories to Nova Scotia, and from Newfoundland to British Columbia, there are few places that are out of our reach. Seasons won’t stop us from doing our job as we deliver all year round. For more details about shipping, visit this page.

But that’s not it. Our fish come with a live arrival guarantee. This means that you will receive your order alive, healthy, and in perfect condition. The orders are packed and shipped with extreme care to ensure the health and safety of the fish. For details, click here.

Our Philosophy

At Alberta Discus, quality is everything. And we have stuck to this principle during the 10 years of our experience in handling and supplying fish. We care deeply about customer satisfaction. Our business allows us to be a part of the lives of our customers through our products. And we take great pride in that, in spreading the joy and happiness these fish bring in the lives of our customers.

It’s very hard to find any other fish breeding company that cares so deeply about its products and yet offers a price that is easily affordable. We understand that quality and affordability are a rare combination. But we have made it our goal to ensure both.

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Why discus?

We all know the fun in watching brightly colored fish floating serenely in the clear blue water. It’s calm. It’s therapeutic. It’s strangely hypnotic. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Research suggests the amazing health benefits of having an aquarium. The results may include improved mood and a reduction in heart rates and blood pressures.

And when it comes to choosing the right candidates for your very own aquatic world, what better fish to have in your aquarium than discus? Its bright colors and striking appearance make discus the absolute favorite of our customers.

So order today to get your own fish friends at minimum rates.

We're based in Calgary and will ship to most Canadian airports.

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